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Pay as you go

Tethering abroad using personal Mobile Wifi

1: Seeker


I will be travelling to Scotland, Faroes Island (only Vodafone allowed roaming in this place) and fly back to my home country(Singapore) from Denmark. Like to know, whether for PAYG Big Value Bundle on the 20GB, can i use my personal Mobile Wifi (so that I can connect my laptop or phone) when I am travelling in these places? I will only be travelling within 3 weeks.


I saw from the FAQ that there is a Tethering limitation that if we used more than 2 month, the PAYG sim card may be block. Hope the expect here can answer.




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16: Advanced member

Hey there,

It sounds like you've already done your homework and you'll be good to go.

The Faroe Islands as well as Denmark are part of the Europe zone which means you'll be able to use your service there (including tethering) for your entire trip. 

There are restrictions in place to stop people buying SIM cards in one country but primarily using them in another (as all networks in the European Union have to offer free roaming now) however if your entire trip is three weeks in duration then you won't be affected by this. 

Have a great time!

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1: Seeker

Thanks alot for the reply..

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