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Pay as you go

Texts are failing to all numbers, but i can receive them.

2: Seeker

I have a Samsung S6 and am on pay as you go that I have paid for and been accepted by vodafone for this month.

None of my texts are sending to any number but I can recieve them.

I have tried removing the sim, turning on and off again, and replacing it, I have done the trouble shooter, attempted to contact the online chat but all that was there was a smiley face and buffering symbol, and have tried connecting to a different network manually them reconnecting to vodafone automatically.

Really need some help as my family are not online and I need texts to contact them urgently. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @aliciagooch 


The first thing to do is to make sure you have the correct message centre number entered on the message settings, this should be +447785016005.  As a process of elimation  to eliminate a SIM fault, if possible, try your SIM in an alternative phone, you can also try selecting an alternative network mode, if you have 4G selected, try 2G only.


If everything if set up correctly, this can be a network or SIM fault, although inconvenient the next time you are in a different location try sending again.


Still have problems follow this link and speak to the Social Team for account access, they will be able to check your messages are hitting the message centre for forwarding onto the recipient here: Contact the Social Team 

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