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Pay as you go

The "contact us" page shows a busy cursor "forever".

2: Seeker


...because of this there is no way to actually get the help being potentially offered.


I'm a computer programmer myself, so I know that just using a simple timeout could detect this


So why is the problem still happening?

This does not seem to be a new problem, so there has been time to fix it.




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Hey there @Kevinpaulmiles - We are here to help on the forum, and if you're query is account specific our teams on social media can assist 😊

Is this the contact us page that you're referring to? I loaded this page just now and TOBi seems to be working for me 👍

Do you have the issue with the 'busy cursor' over WiFi or mobile data?

Have you cleared your cache and cookies and tried from a different browser and/or device?


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