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Pay as you go

Top Up Card

1: Seeker

My top up card is worn. can you send a replacement please. Card no [Removed]





 [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information, please see Community Guidelines]

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17: Community Champion

Hi @drivett


The top up cards used to come with the sim cards but ive not seen them this way for quite a long time.  

You could either ask customer service on 191 or Live Chat for one to be sent out.


Vodafone High street Stores have them to collect. 


The Vodafone Social Media Team here would not be able to send one out. 

If not then you can still use one of the avenues to top up supplied by Vodafone. 


As this is a public forum please edit your post to remove your address. 

I have flagged this with the Social Media Team here to remove it too. 

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Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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