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Top up problems

1: Seeker

Tried to top up online for £30 said unsuccessful but checked my bank and the money had gone but no bundle, tried it again but by calling 2345 same thing happened again! Tried live chat and jus got fobbed off and told to speak to my bank, after being £60 out of pocket and no bundle alls they said was I need to take it up with my bank and we’ll give you 100 mins! So £60 down the drain and all I’ve got is 100 mins no data no txts and no one accepting responsibility! Absolute joke as this is the 3rd month in a row there ##~## top up methods haven’t worked and I’m out of pocket! 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Khyle26


There can sometimes be a delay in the top up showing in your myvodafone.

If the top up was unsuccessful then you’ll most probably find that Vodafone haven’t taken the funds but your Bank has gated the money off to await to see if Vodafone claim the funds. 

These gated funds will look like they have gone from your account but instead would drop back into your Bank Account in 10-14 days. 

Customer Services from Vodafone on 191 could help. 

Also your Bank Customer Service will be able to clarify in regards to your Bank Account and funds. 

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