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Pay as you go

Topping up via the app

13: Advanced Member

In our household we have three PAYG accounts, on all of which we monitor usage via the My Vodafone app. All of them had an invitation, prominent on the app home page, to top up via the app during Jan to get 1GB of data during Feb.

On the two best (most recent) phones, we were able to top up via the app, using our credit cards, as specified in the Terms, and got a confirmation that we had qualified for the 1GB data. On the third (lesser) phone, we failed miserably to top up. Whichever route we took on the app (card, auto top up, manage cards, activate voucher, use PayPal) we ended up in the mire, usually with an error message along the lines that (or similar address) was not available or had been moved, and please check your connection.

We did the obvious, cleared cache and cookies, checked for updates to the app, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and the situation didn’t change.

Now it’s Feb, and all three phones are being invited to top up via the app in Feb, to get 1GB data in March. Not that we’ve got the data yet on the best phones, but Vodafone still have a few days to honour the offer. We again topped up the two phones, and again ran into the mire with the third.

I was unwilling to be messed around a second time, so I investigated further, and discovered that the successful phones have v6.11 of the app, but the unsuccessful phone has v6.5 – it’s a Galaxy S3 Mini, which won’t progress beyond Android 4.1.2, so, as warned on the Play Store, it only gets an earlier version of the app. Incidentally, such Terms as I’ve been able to view in the earlier app relate to an organisation called Mi-Pay, but the successful top ups seem to have been effected by Vesta.

Vodafone knows full well that phones running earlier versions of Android only get earlier versions of the app, and they’ve arranged for the announcement of the 1GB offer to appear on v6.5, but it looks as though they haven’t updated the app so that you can top up at all via the app, let alone in such a way that you qualify for the 1GB.

I got around the difficulty for the moment by putting the SIM into a Vodafone Smart 4 Mini, which has progressed as far as Android 4.4.2; that updated to v6.11 of the app, and I have topped up via the app using a card. I have confirmation that it has qualified for its 1GB in March. But the Smart 4 Mini is required for other purposes, so pratting about like this every time we want to top up isn’t an option. We’ll go back to vouchers and the online account, and Vodafone should either update the earlier versions of the app, or have the courtesy to explain that the much hyped ability to top up via the app is limited to recent phones. At very least they should stop advertising a bonus that isn’t achievable.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @ToniCa


Its certinly a conundrum that that app version is causing this issue. 

In my opinion it shouldnt and one would have thought the Tech people within Vodafone etc would have factored in that some phones have reached their end of receiving firmware updates therefore only people able to have apps up to a certain version. 

If this was me id contact the App Developer to feed this back. 

And im sure the Vodafone Social Media Team here will feed back your experiences too. 

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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13: Advanced Member

Thanks for your advice, @BandOfBrothers.

I found the email address of the App Developer via the Play Store entry, and sent a brief description of the problem, linking to this thread for further details. I've received an automated response from the Customer Care Team, saying "Thanks for your feedback – we’ll send this over to our specialist app development team. Unfortunately, due to the volume of emails we receive we’re unable to reply individually" and going on to give links to the Contact page, Store Finder and Support page, so that I can seek help by those routes.

I hope they'll take my point seriously, as the present situation is pretty demoralising, if not downright insulting, but the reply reads rather as though all feedback is kicked into the long grass. So any backup that the Social Media Team can offer would be welcome.

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@ToniCa Thanks for taking the time to raise this with us - I've passed your experience on to our dedicated department who will take your comments on board. If we can help with anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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