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Pay as you go

Topup issue on Pay as you go number

1: Seeker

Hi team i topped up my vodafone pay as u go number with 20 pounds on 21st Nov 2018 on following number [Removed] using my credit card which i am being charged the same day however i have still not received the top up on my number . can you please help me here. Regards, Iman Mustafa 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @ImanMustafa


Although there is sometimes a delay adding credit, if this was done on the 21st it should be on your account by now.


The first thing to do is to call 2345 and check your phone My Vodafone Application. both of these wil give your available credit and any PAYG bundles, if you are on an automatic renewal Big Value, the credit may have been used to purchase the Big Value.


When you pay by card the money does not leave your account immediately, it is held in your pending authorisations and will generally be in your available balance within the next two working days. If you have not checked your online credit card payments, it would also be worth taking a look to make sure the payment has gone through.


If the payment has left your credit card and you have not received the credit, live chat or Customer Services will be able to advise further.



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Hi @ImanMustafa if you're credit still doesn't show as a top up, we'll be more than happy to look into this for you. Please send us your details by following the steps on the private message I've sent you. 

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