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Pay as you go

Unclear instruction came with SIM card

2: Seeker

Trying to reactivate a non-smart mobile (Nokia 2630). Received a new SIM & instructions from Vodafone. Had asked them for a PAYG SIM whereby we top-up in £10 increments and are charged for calls/texts (N.B. no data!).

Instructions with the SIM offer various bundles from £10 to £40. If we top-up with £10 to start with, does that £10 credit remain until a chargeable call/text is made?

The phone is used only in emergencies.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @DavidHeaf 


When you add the credit Vodafone will automatically convert the credit to a Big Value Bundle, the trick is to opt out of the bundle before adding the credit for the first time.  See here: How do I remove my Big Value Bundle?  this is mentioned on the PAYG page under Choose a Bundle later but don't make it clear it is necessary to opt out of a BVB.


As you only need the SIM for light use, you will be wanting the PAYG 1 tariff, where you will pay £1.00 per day for any outgoing activity, it is free to receive  I would mention to make sure your phone can't access the internet and turn off your mobile data or this will be classed as outgoing and Vodafone will take £1.00 of your credit.  


The only thing to do is to make some outgoing activity preferably during a 90 day period, this will keep the SIM active and your £10.00 should last for as long a you want it to.


Also further information here:

 Top up 

Getting Started 

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2: Seeker

Many thanks for your helpful advice. Activation via 17298 seems to have worked. So did registration to My Vodafone. But I could not then login to My Vodafone because the signal became too weak to receive their texted security code. Neither could I dial 4354. So still do not have a working fone.

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