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Pay as you go

Understanding a charge

2: Seeker

I'm on PAYG1(Switch to PAYG1 a couple months ago)

My data was off and WiFi was on.

I get notification of MMS.

Before I get to it, I receive a call.

After call I turn on data to get MMS picture, and click icon to start downloading.

A few seconds later, before picture is finished. I get a text saying I have spent £1.

No other phone usage today.


Why £1?

Does it cost to receive a MMS?

Are you charged for that data?(I've not noticed it in past)

Even if data for MMS is charged. Isn't data 20p for 5MB? (Picture was 250KB)



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17: Community Champion

Hi @MartinV 


The daily charge for PAYG 1 is £1.00 and this is charged when the phone makes a connection to the network for outgoing.


MMS are sent and received over the network using a mobile data connection, when you opened the message the phone would have made a connection to the network and you would have downloaded data. 


I always consider MMS becoming rather outdated, there are alternatives available where you will be able to send and receive over a WiFi connection.  Examples are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber Messenger.

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2: Seeker

Thanks. When I saw the changes made on the 12th, I was so focused on them reducing the 500MB down to 50MB. I didn't notice the change from 20p a text/call/5MB up to £1, to just a flat £1 daily charge for using text/call/data.

As a low usage customer. It's become too expensive on Vodafone. I'll have to find an alternative provider.

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