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Pay as you go

Vodafone dented my bootlooped LG G4 and are asking me to pay repair costs (picture)

2: Seeker

I bought a pay-as-you-go LG G4 from Vodafone a while ago and on Friday it wouldn't turn on. On Saturday I took it to a Vodafone store, where they sent the phone off to the repair centre. The document I was given labelled my phone to be in 'fair condition - minor scratches, marks'. 

On Monday I was contacted by the repair centre and told that my phone had a huge dent in it which invalidated my warranty, and to fix the bootloop issue would require around £144. My phone was not dented whatsoever when I gave it in at the store, where it was inspected before being sent off. I don't even understand what 'minor scratches' they were talking about as I have had the phone in a case since day one. The repair centre told me to call Vodafone customer services.

I spoke to two different people at Vodafone on Tuesday and was told I'd receive a call back that very evening but no one called me. I then spoke to someone this morning who said I'd receive a call back before 2pm today as it would have been 24 hours by then and they normally resolve this within one day, but still did not get a call back. 

I called again just now and the person I spoke to said Vodafone would contribute £135 towards the repair cost and I'd have to pay the rest myself, even though I am in warranty. I don't want to pay anything to fix a known hardware issue, but when I asked if the dent that was caused after I gave the phone to Vodafone will be fixed even if I did pay he told me the repair centre would fix 'everything' that was wrong with the phone when they received it. 

I asked to have in writing that the dent would be fixed, because as seen in the picture below I don't see how they can fix this. He said he can't give me this in writing and moved my claim onto the 'deadlock' team.

I've attached two pictures below, one is of a document given to me by the Vodafone store describing the condition of the phone and one by the repair centre with the dent that was on the phone. Can anyone tell me, how can they repair this? It seems that the plastic from the phone has chipped off and I just can't see how they can attach it back on. 

Furthermore even if it is £9, I don't want to pay it as I am still in warranty. And if they do fix the bootloop issue, they won't specifically tell me that this dent caused by themselves will also be fixed. If I receive the phone back with the dent still there I would have to start the entire procedure again.


What should I do?




I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


For anyone else with the same issue, try the steps listed here and if you’re still affected, contact customer service.


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