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Pay as you go

Vodafone lied to me about a refund 6 times! - Please read if you think about joining - with proof

3: Seeker



I have resigned myself to never see the money Vodafone own me, but I want to share my story - hopefull as warning to other people


Long storyshort I ordered a phone online went to the store to pick it up and decided it was not what I wanted.

I returned the phone without opening or touching it - but the initial payment of £70 was taken out of my account(for a iPhone SE).


So I thought no problem call them up and get a refund:


On the 10 of Nov I talked to Amriit online:



I'm going to submit the refund request and I can assure you will have the amount credit back to your bank account



- No refund


On Nov 16, 2016 4:54:28 PM EST


I talked to keyur:



I have checked the details for you and can see that the credit is processed and will be deposited to you bank within the next 6-7 days after you have had returned the deal.
- No refund
On  Nov 27, 2016 1:10:07 PM EST
I talked to Heidi/Yusuf



I will provide you with a confirmation and a reference number which will be a proof that the refund process will be completedand it will reflect in your bank account


 - No refund


Spoke to Paul via phone:


Email from him


This is an email to confirm that I have raised a card refund of £70.00.


Wed 07/12/2016, 20:43 


- No refund



Jan 22, 2017 3:57:40 PM EST 



I can see request is raised


- No refund


 Jan 25, 2017 12:06:27 PM EST


I can see the refund request is in process. It is in final step as followed up my manager last on 21st, so you can expect the amount in your account by next week at the maximum


- No refund


This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received

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17: Community Champion

Hi @DisappointedUse


Although you have not wasted your initial time enquiring about the refund direct with Vodafone which has confirmed the situation, don't waste any more of your time with this company.


Contact your bank or credit card company raise a dispute and get your money back that way.


The bank will then chase Vodafone for the return of the money.




Although you have posted on the PAYG board, I notice you have mentioned the initial £70.00 charge for the phone. If you only paid an initial charge and not the full price, you may have agreed a pay monthly airtime contract.



When you returned the phone, it would have needed to go back the same way as it came.  If you collected from a store, it would have needed to be returned to the store for forwarding onto online returns.


I hope you get it sorted.

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17: Community Champion

Totally understand and appreciate the frustration you must be feeling over this situation. 


Vodafone own , monitor , send feedback and also engage with a person if warranted. 


You haven't wasted any of your time with Vodafone as it's a reasonable approach to acquire a refund. 


Hopefully your own Banks Customer Services will be able to advise and guide you too. 


If not then please do update your thread here and I'm sure the Vodafone Team here will try to assist you too. 


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Hi @DisappointedUse,


If you require any assistance with this, please follow the steps given in the private message that I'll send to you. 


The team will then be in touch to help.



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4: Newbie

@DisappointedUse You won't get anywhere talking to Vodafone staff either by calling, chat or the ones on this forum. See what Natasha said above? "If you require assistance..." IF?

Does she or any of the others really care about you?


And don't give up on getting your money back.


This is the way to do it:


Also check out this link:


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