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Pay as you go

Vodafone tracker - Order details entered are invalid

2: Seeker

Ordered phone + pay as you go - on 26/2/18.  Money going out shows up on my online bank account. First problem was that they stated they will deliver to a branch in Whitehaven that has closed down.  First live chat found the order but was unable to provide me with any other detail.  Second live chat today couldn't find any trace of my order. Can't communicate with Vodaphone becos you need a vodaphone mobile phone ------ Catch 22.


Any suggestions ?  

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Meldrew


Vodafone keep you updated with regular email notifications through the order process. 


When the order has been despatched, you will received an updated email with trackable information. If Vodafone were unable to delivery the order, it would have been returned to the warehouse and the order cancelled.


Vodafone won't complete the banking transaction until the phone has been despatched and the funds will remain as anauthorised pending transaction.  If the money is not claimed by Vodafone, the money will return to your full available balance within a few days.


You may well find there is simply a delay but if the second advisor was unable to find the order, it may well be cancelled.

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@Meldrew A member of our team can have a look into the order status for you. 

As we'll need to check our internal systems before we're able to advise further, please contact us using the link in my private message

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