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Pay as you go

Want to change to Pay As You Go

2: Seeker

Hello! My contract has ended and I wanted to switch to Pay As You Go, however whenever I try to use the Vodafone assistant, it always tells me that theres no one available and that I have to use the forum. 

I want to keep my sim card, I just want to change to Pay As You Go. 

Can anyone help with that? 

Thank you!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @KairoSama 


I would direct you to the leaving Vodafone page, where you would be able to request the number to be transferred to PAYG but unfortunately, the page is down. 


Live chat but probably just busy with a queue, if you leave the window open you will be able to get a connection with an advisor as soon as available, there should also be TOBi, the virtual advisor, he should be able to understand your question.  There is also the option of calling on 191 to speak directly to an advisor.


Alternatively follow this link: Contact Us for Account Specific Enquiries


When you change to PAYG, this is going to take 30 days to complete, you will get a text notification when the number is changed and continue to use the same SIM.  A good way to check if the change has been made is to call the top up line on 2345.  You will be able to use the same online account, if you contract Customer Services they will be able to make the change.



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