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Pay as you go

What do I do with credit?

2: Seeker

I turned my old phone into a pay as you go for my wife to use as an emroegency phone. Despite saying I only wanted top up it turned out the guy in the shop ignored me and put me on the big value bundle, even when I stipulated I wanted no recurring charges and did not want the big value bundle. I phone Vodafone and they cancelled it and gave me £10 credit. I phone 2342 and it tells me I have 0 texts 0 minutes and £10 credit. How do I convert the credit into texts and minutes? I have never done top up before, I usually just do contract and this has been proving more complicated than I hoped

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Community Champion (Retired)

I sympathise - having had a PAYG account for over 20 years, I'm almost as much adrift when I think about Pay Monthly accounts!

If you had called 2345 before you got CS to sort out the muddle created by the store, you'd have heard that you had 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. What you are hearing are the remaining bits of your 30-day allowance, plus any cash credit.

When running in "basic" PAYG mode, then provided you still have some credit, you simply make your call, or send your text, and the cost is deducted from your balance. You'll find the costs here (just choose the PAYG option) or download it as a PDF here.

If it really is only for the occasional emergency call, then running in basic PAYG mode will be the best option. If using a mobile grows on your wife, she may want to buy a 30-day Extra, or even go over to Big Value Bundles.

Two things to be aware of - if the balance falls below the cost of a call, you can't make a call, so keep an eye on the balance, and you have to make a chargeable outgoing call (or text) every 180 days to be sure of keeping the number active. Well, it's slightly more complicated than that, but you should be safe to work on that rule of thumb. But keeping the phone in the glove box, and hoping to be able to use it in a year's time, isn't going to work out, as a few people have discovered to their cost!

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2: Seeker

That’s brilliant thanks for the help

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