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A place to discuss the My Vodafone App, bundles, Vodafone devices, Pay as you go Rewards and more. For any account specific issues, contact Customer Services (here).

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Top up

Hi, I have topped up £10 and I want to convert it to a package please

Jamou by 1: Seeker
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Delete My Account - How to delete a Pay as you go account

I am a pay as you go customer. I bought a phone back in 2015 but I left Vodafone by not using my old SIM, did not make chargable calls, did not top up, in other words, I stopped using number and SIM. I also registered an account 2 years ago that work...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Reinstate mobile number

Hi,I requested a PAC code to move from a VF corporate account to a PAYG sim which I bought, I didn't end up using the PAC code though and my service got disconnected today when the PAC expired - meaning I've lost access to my business number which is...

Top-up a PAYG Sim

Hello all,  i have just bought a PAYG Sim card, for an early type android phone.Is there a way for a VERY VERY infrequent user, to top-up and not lose the minutes/text etc... after 30 days , if i don't use the phone within 30 days. I can sometimes go...

PAYG costs

I am new to having a PAYG.  What do Vodafone mean by ...your credit will last for 30 days? are they telling me in a roundabout way that they will top up my credit after every 30 days whether or not I ask them to do so?!?   I only need the sim card an...

Thanks Vodafone

As above really. In Turkey and my phone is working as it should. I just wanted to say thanks.

Resolved! Top up problem.

I ordered a new PAYG sim. Installed it in my Samsung tablet ready for my holiday tomorrow. I topped up with £5 on Sunday and just checked it was working as normal only to find my ballance is now £3.20. How can this be when the tablet hasn't been used...