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big bundles and charges

2: Seeker

I have a 30 day big bundle. I sent a text with a photo attached. I didnt have my mobile data turned on do i get chaged for sending the photo


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17: Community Champion

Hi @borg001 


What did you use to send the text with photo ?

i.e Your text messaging app or an app such as WhatsApp as one example.

A MMS message needs mobile data i.e 3G to be On to send a MMS via the sms text messaging app it's probably not sent If you sent it that way.

Ask the person you sent it to if they received it and or check in your sent messages.

I'd suggest to check your available credit now as sending a MMS i.e a text with photo attached isn't part of your allowances so a charge would be levied.

I think it's £0.45p if it sent at all.

Your myvodafone will show any Costs.

Personally I use email or WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to send photos which work over WiFi to send photos and there's no network cost that way.


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