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Pay as you go

cant send text message from phone

2: Seeker

i top up and it wont take the 12 pounds that is for my big value bundale abd it keeps repeting there is not enouth credtet on there abd i wont take the money that is on my phone  but in all the years i have been with vodafone this problem is  [Removed] wird and it wont let me call or text  for some reson it wont take the money off my phone and it is starting to drive me made and i need to find out a way to fix this [Removed] or i will just by a new phone cuz im fed up of trying to keep my phone going and i dont know why it has t renewed my bundle  and there is still money on there but for some reson they wont take the credet that is on the phone 


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17: Community Champion

I assume your looking in your myvodafone and there is enough credit showing there for your next Big Bundle @daniel93

Please phone Vodafone Customer service on 191 or use Live Chat and they'll help you with this. 

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