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Pay as you go

credit checks but no credit applied for

1: Seeker

Hi - i wanted to buy a tablet outright and get PAYG as I'd mostly be using it on my wifi.


However, I'm told I can't give Vodafone £149 for the tablet as I didn't pass a credit check.  They say that the UK Government's policy is that everyone must be credit checked.


Surely this can't be right?  My details can be verified by my bank card used to pay for the device.  I've not applied for credit.


I bought my mobile phone from Amazon and wasn't credit checked. 


Can anyone throw any light on this?

Thank you!



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17: Community Champion

Where are you looking to buy it from + who did you speak to? (online, in store etc.)

I can't see why you'd need a credit check for an outright hardware purchase that doesn't involve a contract or a payment plan. 

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16: Advanced member

Were you looking to buy PAYG credit at the same time as buying the devide? I'm pretty sure that if you buy a PAYG device without buying any top up (or buying the device and/or top up in cash) you have to prove your identity as a way to stop criminals buying untraceable burner phones.

A credit check might be their way of doing it, although most companies uses other ID such as passports.

Using credit checks does seem unfair as a credit check is recorded against your history and can be prejudicial. 

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@tyger97 - @SimonWilding is right in saying that it may be the identity check that’s failed. This is where your name and address details, are matched with the card you’re paying with.

Please check that all of these are matching before trying to purchase it.

I’m sorry that you were advised it was a credit check, as this wouldn’t have been the case with it being Pay as you go.

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