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mobiwire kwanita

2: Seeker

i have just bought a mobiwire kwanita phone but i cant seem to be able to answer incoming calls  the screen is just blank.

i can ring out send texts etc just wondered if anyone knew how to answer the incoming calls

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17: Community Champion

Hi @scoty


I can't find anything on the Vodafone device guides section of the website.  However, you should be able to find information on this link:  MobiWire SAS 3G SmartPhone User Manual


If you hold and drag the answer button, this should work, there may also be something in the call phone settings for answering a call.




If you take the phone into a Vodafone Store, they will be able to look at the phone and help.

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2: Seeker

hi thanks for your message will look in the phone settings again because there is nothing shows up on the screen when it rings its just blank.


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2: Seeker

hi thanks will pop to shop thanks for the reply

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