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Pay as you go

pay as

2: Seeker

I have an ordinary pay as you go phone. Last week l just put £5 on it, on Saturday l sent two short texts, when l checked the balance l had just £3 left, why??

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17: Community Champion

Have a look in your myvodafone app or myvodafone online to check what Payg tariff your on @1947simon 

If its Payg1 then you'd be charged £1 for a day when you've used your phone.

You maybe better off on a Vodafone Big Value Bundle or Vodafone Voxi which may suit your usage better.

The terms and conditions are in Vodafone Payg1  and Terms-and-conditions/ Vodafone Payg. 

Customer services on 191 or Live Chat can clarify where the credit has gone and the tariff your on and advise on a better suited one if necessary.

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