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Pay as you go

want vodafone simcard

2: Seeker


i want have a vodafone simcard for use in all day of year not sometimes 

but im in iran

please help me


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17: Community Champion

Vodafone UK wouldn't be able to send one of their sim cards abroad @maestrosalimi76 

They only send them to an address in the Uk.


Your option would be for a Vodafone Uk Payg Sim Card as I'm assuming you wouldn't pass a Credit Check, do not have a UK address or UK Bank Card etc so a Pay Monthly contract or Sim only wouldn't be available to you.


So if you know someone in the UK who can pick you up a Vodafone Payg Sim Card and activate it by topping it up in the UK and insert it into their phone to start it off, and ensure the roaming bar is de activated they could post you it.

However you would then need them to purchase top ups when you need credit to pay for a Big Value Bundle or Payg1 to send you the code.

A Vodafone Payg sim card has to be used to make calls , send texts, use data or top up every 270 days to remain active.

Also roaming is meant only for short periods of time which as approximately 3 months. However sometimes Vodafone are not actively strict on this.

You phone would need to be unlocked to all networks to accept the Vodafone Sim card.

I hope the above helps.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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