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2 identical sim cards

2: Seeker


Is it possible for me to get a sim card from Vodafone that is identical to my current sim card to use in another phone but obvioulsy not at the same time, only one phone would be on at a time.


I'm 90% sure I use to have 2 sim cards with the same number after an upgrade and aslong as only one phone was on it would connect to the network no problem but this was awhile back so can't be 100% sure.






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17: Community Champion

Hi @davey3389


Vodafone would be unable to provide two SIM cards with the same number. 


Each SIM card has it's own identity number, allocation of minutes, texts and data and it's own terms and conditions. 


A workaround would be to set up a divert from one SIM to the other number. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @davey3389


No its not possible. 


You could get a dual SIM phone and use two sim cards in that but they would have two different numbers. 

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