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Account defaulted on credit file

1: Seeker

Hi there,so im just seeking advice as this has been going on since August 2017

Basically i was made to open accounts with other phone companys aswell as Vodaphone, i had gone to the police and was told to tell action fraud which i did,i explained everything to them, just as the officer at the police station had told me to do.

Since then i had recieved letters from vodaphone and each letter i recieved i had send emails to Vodaphones fraud monitoring email, first they asked me to complete documentation and send a copy of the Action fraud report,this was on 8/25/17, i had to apply to action fraud to get a copy of the report which i finally recieved on 10/9/17

I composed an email and sent this on to vodaphones fraud monitoring email on the letter i recieved, since that day i havent recieved any following emails from vodaphone nor letters,i tried to email again but still no reply from vodaphones side

The account was also forwarded on to Moorcroft,who contacted me around the end of 2017 , i even gave them the action fraud report and all the neccesary information which they passed onto Vodaphone personally, then i recieved a final letter saying that the account had been handed back to vodaphone.


The other accounts that were opened were closed near enough instantly when i told them what had happened and it had been reported to the police.


Im just a bit lost as to what to do, as its currently defaulted on my credit report, and i havent heard anything since then, So any advice would be extremely helpful 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Seekthelight


It certainly sounds like you've been through a hard time with all this with the end result Unfortunatley affecting your Credit File. 

Im sure if this default was not warranted then Vodafone UK will want to resolve this for you. 

With that in mind please let the Vodafone Social Media Team here catch up with your thread and bring you in in away from the open forum to pass security checks and they'll help you further with this situation by passing your info to their Credit File specialist teams for investigation. 

I would also speak with Experian who may advise a Notice of Correction is warranted to be placed on your Credit File. More info in Default-on-your-Credit-File-And-How-to-add-a-Notice-of-Correction.

I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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Moderator (Retired)

I'm keen to get this looked into further for you @Seekthelight

Please check your private message for details on how to get in touch and I'll make sure to get this to the correct team. 

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1: Seeker

Thankyou both for the helpful replys

I have filled out the form and shall await a reply

Many thanks again

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