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Pay monthly

Additional Contract Pay Monthly

2: Seeker

Hi folks,


I hope someone can help. I moved this week to Vodafone from VM and very please with the process, account set up etc. My wife would also like to move given the signal at home is so much better.


Is there any way to have her contract if she takes it out as all part of my account so it is one monthly bill? At various pages it tell you to look up "offers for you" to benefit from a discount but this just takes me to a blank page.







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17: Community Champion

Hi @scotty-66 


The problem you are going to have is before being able to take out an additional contract, or being able to see the offers, Vodafone have a three month clear payment rule, this may mean having to wait for the third payment to clear.


However, there no reason for your Wife being unable to take out a contract in her name and changing ownership to you after three months.  Vodafone should also be able to make arrangements for the payment to be included in your direct debit.


The best thing to do is to speak to Vodafone they will be better placed to answer the question and advise the best way to proceed.


There is further information for you on this link:  Transferring your number and agreement

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2: Seeker

Thanks Ann,


I thought that may be the case. I will get her to take it out and then transfer after three months, would have suited better fro billing purposes and any special offers like discounts. But not to be so thanks for the reply anyway.



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