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After a two year contract, what happens next (and when do I cancel to prevent renewal)

3: Seeker

From what is on here it would seem that some contracts switch to a simple per-month contract after they end with no other ties, rather than renewing for another year or more. Is this true after two-year contracts? I am asking to make sure I am not given conflicting statements when I phone up. The vodafone website states to tell them 30 days in advance when it comes to cancellation. This however may only refer to when someone wishes to cancel mid-contract, rather than when calling to notify them of no auto-renewal after you've paid your last bill of your contract.


If my contract ends mid-April, when would be the best time to tell vodaphone in reference to not auto-renewing after the final bill has been paid? Before or after my billing date? Would I need to call earlier to prevent auto-renewal? If vodafone auto-switch contracts when they end to per-month, do you simply not use the phone after that date and call to cancel? Or would you will have to pay for that additional month or a minimal fee in cancelling? I hope that's not too confusing. Thanks for any info

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17: Community Champion

Hello @normajoan48



Vodafone Help Link >


 Vodafone and Csncelling Account.




  • When a Vodafone Pay Monthly Contract comes to full term (not any early upgrade date) it will automatically convert into a 30 day rolling contract. 
  • I would give my 30 days notice as near as possible to the Contract end date if your not wanting to keep your number. You cannot give advance warning. I.e. Before the required 30 days notice. 
  • Another option is to request your Contract is converted into a Vodafone Payg account again near your Contract end date as this process takes 30 days to complete. 
  • If a person cancels their contract before the natural end date than an Early Termination Fee could be levied by Vodafone. The Early Termination Fee is the total amount of line rental outstanding for the remainder of the contract, without VAT, and less a 2% rebate.This figure will be calculated on the price prior to any discounts.You can confirm the exact figure by calling 191."
  • If a person wants to move to another uk network then they can request a PAC Code from Vodafone and give that to their new network. The new network processes the PAC Code thus grabbing your mobile number and this process automatically closes the Vodafone account. Again this should be done as close as possible to the Contract end date. A PAC Code issued by Vodafone remains active for 30 days only. After that timeframe if it's not used then a new fresh PAC Code will be needed. 
  • Vodafone send the final bill in 2-4 weeks and is taken by Direct Debit. They would levy any changes for final usage and apply and relevant refunds. Then once paid they'll send a £0 bill and Sorry Your Leaving Letter which confirms account cancellation. 


Tip > Please consider not cancelling the Direct Debit until Vodafone have taken any final payment(s) and if applicable applied any Refunds. And you have received the final bill by post, paid by Direct Debit and a £0 bill and Sorry Your Leaving Letter has been received that confirms the account is closed. (Please retain this paperwork) 


If you do move Networks then consider unlocking your phone so it can be used on any network. > Unlocking Form.




16: Advanced member
The sure way to cancel a contract is a week before request the PAC and give it any other provider to transfer your number onto a PAYG.

As soon as your number is transferred, your Vodafone contract ends. And that way you don-t gave to give 30 days Notice.
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17: Community Champion

Once your contract is complete, it shifts onto a rolling 30-day basis and you can cancel at any time giving the usual 30 days' notice.  However, you'll be paying the same equipment-inclusive rate, but you don't need to.


Instead, if you don't want to upgrade, switch to a SIM-only deal, which will be cheaper.  There are 12 month and 30 day options.  With the 12 month, you can upgrade back to a device-inclusive contract after 3 months.


(If you do want to upgrade, call 191 during office hours and choose the "thinking of leaving Vodafone" option that comes near the end.   That'll get you the UK-based retentions team.   Because you can leave immediately, you're likely to get a good deal, but, if you don't, keep trying as they come and go quite quickly)

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