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Agreement ends on 30th March (13 days), will I be charged early termination fee?

2: Seeker

Hi there! 


My agreement with vodafone ends on the 30th march 2017. I'm going to giffgaff, already got my new SIM from them, got my PAC code from Vodafone ready to switch my number and have unlocked my phone. If I switch over now with 13 days to go will I be charged an early termination fee? My direct debit will be paid in the next couple of days which I guess will be the final bill amount. As far as I'm aware Ive fulfilled the terms of my contract but don't want to be tripped up now by a fee I wasn't expecting! Any advice would be appreciated, many thanks. 



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17: Community Champion
Hi. Using the PAC now will close your contract now and you will be charged up to your end date, you will also be responsible for any out of bundle or extras on the account. Once you use your PAC you should wait before cancelling any direct debit until you have received a bill showing zero balance (you should receive one bill with charges etc on then the final zero balance one)
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