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Amazon Voucher Deal Gone Wrong

2: Seeker

I tried to switch to Vodaphone using the Money Saving Expert link that offered a £100 Amazon voucher when signing up for a sim only 5Gb/month contract for 12 months. The online form wouldn’t allow me to set up the direct debit and told me to phone customer services. The advisor told me he couldn’t help with that, but and he would have to set me up over the phone. He said I then had to go back to MSE and give them the order number and that they would then honour the voucher deal. However, they say it’s nothing to do with them and that Vodaphone issue the vouchers. Who do I need to contact to sort this out? I’ve been with O2 for 25 years (!) so this is all new to me, and very annoying! 🙄

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Kinn4 


There are plenty of affiliate and third party site offering an incentive for signing up to a provider but is is important to remember that the offer was on made by the MSE site and not was not offered on the Vodafone website.


When you decided the offer was suitable for your needs you would have needed to go through the MSE affiliate window to sign up for the SIM only contract, if there was a problem and an error at the check out, you would have had to contact the MSE site. 


MSE should have some Terms and Conditions for the offer and it might be worth checking these out, you should have been sent a voucher after 30 days.   If you fulfill all the terms MSE should be obliged to honour the offer made on their site. 



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