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Pay monthly

Annual Upgrade Promise Pricing

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HI All, 

Just have a question i need clearing up regarding the Annual Upgrade Promise 


I'm looking at the s21 upgrade & Pre-Order and only have 2 days so need to make my mind up and the upgrade promise could be key. 


So they say: "Upgrade to the latest Samsung, or another phone of your choice, on a new Pay monthly plan. The new plan you choose must cost the same (or more) a month. Otherwise, continue with your current plan."


Now does this mean as it says "continue with your current plan" - I can take my S21 plan and transfer over to the S22? Or does that particular bit mean stick with the S21?


In terms of the costing of plan, the current trade in offer for pre-order is £15 off p/m. So for example, i would trade in my S10 and get a  the new S21 on a plan for £51 - as this includes the £15 off a month, so non-trade in is £66


IN a nutshell, my question is, in 12 months time if i can and want to trade up to a S22, will vodafone see my bill as £51 or £66? because where they say plan must "cost the same (or more) a month" - i don't want to in a years time, they say my plan is a £66 a month plan and therefore would be paying more a month


Hope that makes sense, any answers appreciated 

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In order to answer your question properly, can you clarify if you are completing your current 24 month contract, or you’re about to upgrade after 12 months and send your old phone back?

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2: Seeker



Right now, im finished my 24month S10 upgrading to the S21. in 12 months time i would like to go from S21 to S22, so my query is in regards to in 12 months time when i upgrade from the S21 to S22 as part of the annual upgrade promise.   

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Hi @jaythorne55, When you upgrade, if you change your current plan any offer connected discount will also come to an end. If there is an offer available with your new plan in 12 months, this will be added. Our Online Sales team will be happy to discuss this in more detail with you. 

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