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Appalling customer service about Roaming

4: Newbie

So first things first.  I'm a business user (1-9 users) and I'm in Montenegro.

I called before I left and was told £6 per day to use my UK tariff.   I land in Montenegro and sure enough, I got a text from Vodafone saying welcome, its £6 a day etc etc.  I then get several texts warning me that I was going to be capped due to large usage.  I call VF.  The first operator confirmed the £6 a day and sent me text, telling me to ignore the texts.  But the texts kept coming.  I called again.  The second operator told me that all the past information was wrong.  That was for consumers only and I have been charged per minute/kb.  However they would honour the £6 but not for any longer as I had 'brought it to their attention'.  Not trusting VF most basic training, I called back and spoke to another operator.  He confirmed the pervious operators advice which was that Montenegro was not £6 a day for business users.

Type in Montenegro in their roaming search and you get £6 per day.  Go to their business roaming map and Montenegro isnt even there.  Ridiculous.


For years, mobile phone operators have been fleecing consumers over roaming rates.  So much so that the EC put in a roaming tarriff which we all know, is now in effect.  So to mess around still, and not know your products and services AND therefore put the consumer at the risk of huge bills is unnaceptable at best, and possible illegal at worst.  I have every reason to report VF to Offcom.


In the meantime, perhaps a support agent who has been trained in roaming, might tell me who the hell is right?



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @jimmybond007 you may find the following page interesting and provide the information you need.


The forum here  deal with personal and not business contracts so you may need to contact the business advisors who deal with your account. 

Thanks.  I know that link.  Actually this post relates to consumer as parts of VF tell me it's a consumer tarrif.  And as I mentioned, the business advisors tell me different things.

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@jimmybond007 It's difficult to say who's right, without seeing your account first hand. 

We do have limited access to business accounts, however we'd be able to see enough to advise you further and get you in touch with the relevant team if needed. 

So we're able to get a better understanding of what's happening, please contact us using the link in my private message.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Just make sure you keep the welcome text that confirmed the £6 per day charge. My friend had this issue in Egypt on consumer where she'd opted into the then World Traveller at £5 per day but was charged the standard rates. It was the welcome text which resulted in Vodafone backing down and refunding the over £1000 of charges on her bill.