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Are eSIMs being issued reliably fast now?

3: Seeker

I tried switching to eSIM back in September and ended up without service for just under a week, only to switch back to a plastic SIM. Now that the iPhone 12 has been delivered, I’m reconsidering switching to an eSIM, but I’m not sure how things have progressed since last month.


a) What’s the best way to do the SIM swap - web or app?

b) how fast does the QR code generate? I know Vodafone likes to say 24 hours, but we know that’s often not the case.

c) if it fails, is it possible to trivially switch back to the old plastic by using the app to do a SIM swap?

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16: Advanced member

Very quick... did mine on the 'My Vodafone' app.

QR code took a matter of minutes (after the verification step).

Set up was super fast.

No issues.

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3: Seeker

As I’m a little paranoid, may I ask when you did it (day/time)? I’d do it this weekend but not sure if the order would necessarily go through.

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12: Established

Did mine 2pm yesterday (Friday 23rd) when I got my iPhone 12..... swapped from another e-sim in my old phone. Took 3-4 minutes tops as I had to enter the info manually as the QR code didn’t work, but no big deal.

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