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Pay monthly

Been sent the wrong phone, now Vodafone are telling me they wont get the phone i wanted back in

2: Seeker

Two years ago i ordered a red iphone 7 and i was delivered a black one. Obviously i was happy to be told i could get an early upgrade so i ordered the iphone XR Red edition in 128gb which for the second time with Vodafone arrived black. This time though i am not keeping the phone or accepting it. I am returning it this week to store but for some reason i have to pay money to return it OR pay money to get to a store to return it.


Not only that but i am now being told that Vodafone no Longer does the Red Iphone XR despite me making sure when i ordered it that it will be coming back into stock. As someone who works in Sales for a living I genuinely cannot understand how someone within Vodafone is not able to order this phone. Vodafone works with apple and clearly is ordering black ones so how can someone not make a judgement call and order the red one with the next shipment.


They are also telling me i have to pay £200 pounds to cancel my contract even after how many times they have let me down.


What can I do at this point? 

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17: Community Champion

Vodafone offer a 30 day cooling off period for new contracts and upgrades  


So if a person decides to not go ahead within those 30 days there is no early termination fees.


Also there is no costing to the customer to hand the phone and all that came with it to a Vodafone Highstreet Store.


But if a person wants to cancel after the 30 days then there are costs known as the Early Termination Fee. 




Isn't this the Red edition your wanting ?


What can you do at this point - persevere with customer service on 191 or speak to the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Vodafone Facebook and Vodafone Twitter


The Vodafone Social Media Teams here no longer can help with account based issues.

However the teams via the social media outlets are the same teams that are here on the forum. Just link to your post from here on Facebook or Twitter.


Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Fpolla 


Vodafone can't charge to make a return.


However, if this is an early upgrade and you are now asking to cancel your contract, Vodafone will charge early termination fee up to the time your contract ends.  I suspect this may be the charge they are referring to.

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6: Helper

Yes they can charge for a return if you return via returns package, obviously because it includes postage and package plus insurance costs for valuable items. They do the RED in the 64GB model but unfortunately not in the 128GB model as that has been discontinued as demands were no longer high i'm guessing, this is normally the case with apple. Either travel to store and return for free or get a returns package. And once you've cancelled the upgrade, if you still have time left on your previous contract regardless of the issues you still have to pay ETF charges. Because you still had a contract with your previous phone that you still owe to vodafone. Just cut your losses, wait until it ends and cancel 30 days before and go somewhere else if you're not happy. If they dont have the colour you want theres nothing they can do about it, fair enough they should have advised you the colour is not available and not sent you a black one as replacement but if colour is that important you may need to see if you can buy one outright.

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