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Being charged for Spotify Premium but dont have a subscription?

2: Seeker

I bought a black friday deal via and checking the initial invoice etc it shows as red extra, the 40gb +60gb free data per mo th as an upgrade with original video pass still added. This is fine but when I got billed my first month and every month since it is also charging me £9.99 for spotify premium. I dont have spotify premium or an account with them!!!


I went into a local shop and the guy said my issue was with CPW and wouldnt even look up my account online. I spoke to and they said what they sent across to Vodafone didnt include Spotify and I think they want Vodafone to supply them with doc stating that they authorised the Spotify but guy in shop says nowt to do with vodafone and wouldnt help in any way.


I then contacted vodafone either online or via 191 and explained problem and that i wanted it refunded. He told me he had stopped it on my acct and had also submitted a request in to get all months refunded but that they would be in touch if there was an issue with this. This month another bill and its still listed with no mention of a refund!!! How can they bill me for a service I dont have and didnt sign up to???


Anyone else had this problem and how did they get it fixed. Is thrre somewhere i can write to or should the shop guys attempt to help me fix this issue?? 


I have a neuro illness which causes memory probs so thats why certain details are a bit vague.


Thanks for any advice.





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@Nikki72 It's disappointing to hear you're still having issues receiving these Spotify charges, I'd love the opportunity to turn this experience around for you and get things resolved. So we're able to take a closer look into your account regarding this, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with us. 

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