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Pay monthly

Blackberry repair on monthly contract

2: Seeker

Hi folks hoping someone can offer some advise, I have a blackberry key1 on monthly contact,  it needs  repair or replacement as the camera lense has been damaged with the cover coming loose and dust getting inside. I have tried calling Vodafone who sent me to my local store where they told me they don't deal with blackberry anymore and they probably couldn't fix it so would likely send me a Samsung. Been on blackberry many years and don't want to leave , is my only option to accept a different handset? Even though I pay for insurance? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @altyarmy 


How long have you owned the phone assuming it was supplied by Vodafone.


Is the insurance through Vodafone  ?





How did the damage occur ?


Does your insurance cover accidental damage  ?


Vodafone apply a 24 month manufacturing warranty on the phones supplied by them so should help you with this if it wasn't accidental damage even tho blackberries have suffered a decline. 




If Vodafone no longer supply a phone then they would offer a comparable option usually via a list of phones to choose from.


I would suggest to try the Vodafone Highstreet Store again and insist on support and or try another Vodafone Store or speak with customer support to have a bag sent to you. 


Take time and date stamped pictures of the phone to prove it's aesthetic condition and one of it turned On. 


Edit > If Vodafone can't supply you a BlackBerry then one option could be to accept a phone from them and sell it to help fund the purchase of another BlackBerry. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @altyarmy 


As Vodafone don't sell Blackberry phones any longer and are not in a position to repair the devices, going direct to a Blackberrry Repair Centre may be the answer.  If you do a Google search the Blackberry specialist repair centres will come up, they may even be able to arrange a postal repair for you.


Understandably, you will be paying insurance for accidental damage or breakdown, generally when you make a claim where the phone cannot be repaired, it will be to an equivalent specification phone.  Although you prefer to keep to Blackberrry phones, the store should be able to let you try the Samsung phones.

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