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Pay monthly

Can I prepay "pay monthly" in order to get accepted?

2: Seeker

Hi, I was rejected to sign a pay monthly sim only 12 montract for unlimited data.


Can I prepay the full 12 months or something in order to get the contract?


As a software engeneer that works often remote a need a unlimited data plan.


I moved here 13 month ago but was for like 6 years Vodafone Germany customer so its hard to accept to get refused for a sim only contract where there is litteraly no risk involved.


I have no negative credit events, 160k salary, no debts and owen 2 properties in Germany and Vodafone is rejecting me for 36 Pounds a month??


Any tipps to deal with a situation like this? Can I just pay the  contract in full in advance or something?





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17: Community Champion

Hi @hugomax89


The problem you are going to have is this is a pay monthly contract, but there is no harm in asking Vodafone the question. 


I suspect your problem here will be a lack of UK credit history for creditors to base the search, there are times when having some debt has it's advantages.


If you have been declined you won't be able to reapply for 3 months, this will give your credit file time to recover and for you to build up your UK credit score. 


In the meantime there is always PAYG where there is no credit check. 


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2: Seeker

I am just confused because I recently got approved a credit card with 4500 limit no problemo.


So this is normal to get rejected?


In case that is true I will just go with a differnt provider and short the stock lol

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17: Community Champion

Hi @hugomax89 


Sorry it's a  No.......  you are unable to pay upfront for the Vodafone Pay Monthly Contract.


Unfortunately Vodafone UK are unable to provide a reason as to why a Credit Check has not been successful as their systems only show an acceptance or declined status. 


They advise to contact one or more of the Credit Houses, Experian being one, in order to check that nothing wrong has been recorded there. 


It doesn't always come down to a credit score problem, or a certain time at the address. As a quick example, it can be due to the amount of incoming to outgoing payments.


If a customer has a mortgage and a car and something else on finance, then something else for the kids which is paid monthly, the credit check is ran to see if the customer can pay the finance (monthly cost) based on other payments per month. 


To add even a clear Credit File with good Credit Score does not guarantee acceptance. It's also good practice to let 90 days elapse before making another application in order to let the Credit Score recover.


Vodafone's help page is


You could try an independent such as Carphone Warehouse to apply but its recommended that at least 90 days is left between applying in order to let a Credit File recover.


Have you looked at Vodafone Payg and the Big Valie Bundles ?


Vodafone pay-as-you-go-plans/big-value-bundles.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @hugomax89 


If you have been recently approved for a credit card with the search recorded on your credit file that could be part of the problem but you can use that to your advantage to boost your UK credit rating over the next 3 months.


You may also have more success providing your own phone and going SIM only with there being less risk to Vodafone you may have more success.


Contact the Social Media Team on the link below, they will be able to officially clarify if there is anythng that can be done for you: Contact Us

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