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Pay monthly

Can I reduce my data plan?

2: Seeker

I originally signed up to pay monthly plan with fairly a low amount of data-maybe 5 or 6GB. 

I changed this to a 24GB as I kept running out and having to pay for more. 

I've just bought an Apple Watch, but not through Vodafone, so I'm going to have to sign up to Vodafone OneNumber.

I literally never even get halfway through the amount of data I use so I'd like to drop my data plan down to a lower amount of GB to offset the cost of this. Does anyone know if you can do this? When I go online to change my plan it only offers me higher tariffs not lower ones? I could understand this if I'd originally signed up to a high tariff when taking out the contract, but I'd assumed that as I'd increased halfway through my contract I'd be able to downgrade if necessarily. Any ideas if this is possible? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Lhatch327 


Whilst in commitment your options will be limited.  Unfortunately, even if you upgraded  to  a higher allowance you  won't be able to return to the previous allowance  and pay less on a monthly basis. 


When you are in the last month of contract you will be able to downgrade. 

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17: Community Champion

Upgrade offers will always tend to be higher rather than lower.   However, you should be able to choose the tarriff you want by browsing.   As @AnnS says, though, you'll need to wait until the end of yoru commitment period to do this.

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