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Can I use 12 months of Spotify offer on an existing Spotify account?

2: Seeker

I'm looking at the SIM only deals and the one including 12 months of Spotify premium interests me, but I would like to be able to apply the 12 months to my old, existing account. Is this possible?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @andyffracs 


The entertainment package is tied into the plan you are on and comes with the contract, this means you would be unable to add the pack to go with an alternative number.


However, it won't do any harm asking Vodafone the question, this is something live chat or Customer Services will be able to answer for you.


There are FAQ's on the link below.


Spotify Support

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16: Advanced member


You're absolutely fine to do this.

All that happens with this offer is you get a link to activate the service (you do need to do this on the handset / sim that has the offer) and it'll then get you to select and then re-directs you to Spotify.

You then either create a new account or sign into your existing Spotify account. This then tells Spotify that Vodafone are covering your upgrade to premium.

From that point on, you can sign into and use Spotify on whatever device you like. It's not tied to the phone.

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17: Community Champion

Thank you donnyguy.


I didn't think about being able to use the pack by signing into the account on an alternative device.

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16: Advanced member

Option 1: You can activate it on the Device that has the SIM, with Network data on. This way you don't need a activation code.

Option 2: If using device (that has another Vodafone SIM in it) then you need to switch the data off and use the link

You will need to be able to receive a Authentication text.

On this page you enter your mobile that has Entertainment plan.
Authernticate it with the Text you receive.
Now Select Spotify from the 4 options available. This will take you to either the Spotify App or Website (Depending on what Device you are using). All you do is logon to Spotify and your account will be upgraded to Premium.


Most will tell you to use the first option 1, but that is not necessary. If the Spotify Premium is going to be used on the Device that has the SIM with the offer, then Option 1 is easiest. If using it on any other Mobile Handsets, Tablets, Laptop/Computers or devices like Alexa, then go with option 2.


p/s forgot to mention, the Spotify account needs to be a standard one and not premium. If Premium then you need to contact Spotify, to change to Standard, once done follow any of the the above 2 options.

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