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Pay monthly

Can’t afford contract and Vodaphone no help

2: Seeker

Absolutely disgusted with Vodaphone. After being a customer for over 15 years and never missing a payment, I am suddenly unemployed and asked for help in extending my contact to reduce payments and pay over a longer period. Vodaphone said they  can't help and my only option is cancel the contract and still have £300+ to pay. I have been a loyal customer but receive nothing back. Will be moving to another provider when my contract ends and will be encouraging others to do the same. 

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13: Advanced Member

I'm not sure any of the other networks will do that much either.

Vodafone do have a help page here though which may be of use.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Adnav 


You can't extend the contract, you have to keep to the agreement,


If you are going to cancel the contract, I always consider a change of ownership where possible a good alternative to a very trustworthy friend or relative.  If this is something to be considered, please see here:  Transferring your number and agreement 


The other alternative to buy you some time but best avoided due to being reported on credit file is a six month payment plan.  This may result if an outgoing restriction on the number but better than not paying anything.

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