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Cancel monthly contract

2: Seeker

I've been on a monthly contract with vodafone for a pieroid of 24 months to may 2018. I've had issuse after issue with this network provider. Firstly I moved properity in November 2016, unfortunalty I had no internet accese for around a month, so I paid for a higer useage on my data plan for the month, which took my standard bill of £53 up to £70. I only needed this plan for a month and explalined to vodafone the situation. They were happy with me having it for the month and to inform them once I wanted my regular bill instaded. I contacted vodafone again the following month both via phone and store, they told me that my next bill will be lower due to having my old data plan put back on. Once I got my bill it was not reinstated, still saying £70 due. I complained several times about this and nothing was ever done, to the point I was complaining a number of times I stopped following it up becasue no one was listening to me. Once my contract was ending in may 2018, I asked them to end my contract once I fully paid it out. They told me that they'd make a note and for me get back in touch. Same thing has happened and each time I've been told no record of me getting in touch has been documented. I've now been charged with two bills at £70 which is disgraceful, especially when I've paid for the whole contract out and not used the phone for any calls, text or data since. I've spoken to vodafone a number of times to canncel my contract but each time it seems as if I've not been listened to or my request has not been acknowlaged. 

17: Community Champion

Hi @adamaaa


The ways to cancel an account are to..


Ring 191 and give 30 days notice. 


If you want to move your number to another network then ask instead for a Pac and give that to the new network and your Vodafone Account will auto end. No 30 days notice is needed. 


Ask customer service to transfer you onto a Vodafone Payg account which takes 30 days. 

It's advised to leave your Direct Debit in place until your final bill is taken in 2-4 weeks. And then after a sorry your leaving letter and a £0 bill has arrived. 

The Vodafone Social Media Team here can help once they've caught up with your thread and bring you in away from the open forum to pass security checks and they'll help you further with this situation. 

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2: Seeker

I've done that which is the problem. I've spoken to so many staff and for some reason it's never been cancelled and payments have been continued to be added on when not been in use since on another phone and network provider. I've spoken to Vodafone via phone and in store and they've blatantly lied to me saying they'd cancel my contract 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @adamaaa


If you change your price plan to a higher tariff, you cannot go back down, Vodafone should have given the extra data as an extra add on subject to 30 days notice.


When you cancel, there will always be two further bills.  If you cancelled May and had received the May bill, there would have been a bill for June and the final bill July with a zero balance.  Please see the link here for an explanation: I’m leaving Vodafone – what will happen with my bills?


To make sure this has been cancelled, give the forum team time to get to the thread, they will be able to make sure the contract has been cancelled and the final bill generated.  In the meantime, keep the direct debit open for any credit to be repaid direct into your bank account.

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Hi @adamaaa I appreciate this hasn't been a good experience for you.

When you ask for something to be done on your account you'd expect the person on the other end to follow through with your request. 


I know you've had issues getting your account cancelled and I'd like to get this sorted once and for all. 


I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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