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Cant ever Register on Website

1: Seeker

Morning Guys. I have tried registering atleast 10 times on different broswers from different places and on different computers. Every time though i get this error "We're working hard to fix the issue, so please try again later.: 500, FMW_30_0010 - [1h2]"  Its been like this for about 3/4 weeks for me. Anyone have anything similar to this?


Its getting frustrating as I have no understanding of my bill as the app will only give me access to recent bills and not give me the detail of spends



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Community Champion (Retired)

@johnofisher There was some work taking place on the accounts part of the Vodafone website early yesterday, and I had difficulty accessing the accounts I look after for a few days prior to that, but it certainly hadn't been a problem for anything like 3-4 weeks. My accounts are apparently back to normal now; if you're still having problems, I'd suggest contacting Live Chat, to see if they can identify the problem affecting your account.

@Annie_L I think you were also having problems accessing your account - is it working again now?

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