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Cap removed unknown

1: Seeker

So we got a contract for our soon to include a cap on the data when the contract was renewed they took this cap off without us knowing. Our 14 year old son did not pay attention to messages that were being sent and the bill came to £700 odd pound.. they gave us £100 off as a good Will gesture. Is there anything we can do as we were not notified this cap would be removed

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17: Community Champion

When an upgrade to a contract is processed I believe as its basically a new contract through an upgrade process with new allowances this refreshes the account.

That must have affected the bars.

Data caps and bars can be seen and adjusted by the account holder in your online myvodafone.

I appreciate how the situation occured and it can be argued that it's up to the account holder to self monitor what's been used though the myvodafone app and online myvodafone.

Some phones also have internal bars and warnings that can be set in them.

The data has been used which you are aware of and as such I can see that Vodafone has listened to you on how this has sage and cost occurred and as a goodwill gesture reduced the bill.

May I ask What outcome where you wanting ?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Jessicatomz


Bill shock is never a pleasant experience.


Ideally, it is never a good idea to give a contract to a child, best to stick to PAYG with a monthly bundle to take care of the necessary calls, texts and limited amount of data.


However, as the account is in your name, you will be able to see exactly how much data your Son is using from the online account.  Under bars, you can immediately enable the data bar, this will restrict further access to the internet. There is further information for you here: Data Capping Managing your data usage


Unfortunately, the data was used and you have been given a goodwill gesture, with Vodafone sending the warning messages to the phone and providing all the tools necessary to manage the account not sure if you can expect anything more done about the charges.

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16: Advanced member

On a New contract you have to set the Data Cap as well the Adult Barring again.

The Data Cap has to be done again becuase your Data could have changed and the Cap is set based on your Data Allowance.

To put it simply, if previously you had 10GB, Data Cap is set at 10GB. If you move to a New tariff of 8GB, if they left the old Data Cap, then it would still be at 10GB. To avoid this, it is removed and has to be set again.

It is always a good idea to check once you have upgraded that all your setting/caps are in place.


Giving a contract to Children entirely depends on how disciplined your child is. My daughter only ever exceeded her minutes once in the last 13 years she has had her phone.  Now as an Adult she still keeps a very close eye on her usage too. Hopefully, your Child has learned a lesson and will probably will never exceed the limits again.

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