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Capping data usage

4: Newbie

I've received 2 texts from Vodafone, one telling me that I had reached the spending cap for data whilst abroad this month and asking if I wanted to lift the cap. Another telling me I had taken the spending cap Off.

I've been in France since Oct 1st, and France being in the European zone is in the 40gb limit on my monthly usage, which is always low as I only use it for email. I've chatted with Vodafone support, who confirmed my October data usage is very low, the chat line dropped so I called Support. Again I was told my data usage is low and that there are no charges on the account this month. It was confirmed that the Cap was turned Off, which is very odd since I had not done anything to turn it off, and the Support person put it back on again.

So, why did I get these text messages. The fact that something had happened to turn off the spending Cap is very worrying since it wasn't requested by me. And even though I am being told that there are no pending data charges on the account it's very worrying to get a text telling you that you've spent a lot on data.

Anyone got any ideas?

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17: Community Champion

Certainly sounds like a possible Vodafone system glitch that's caused the automatic texts to advise you. 

Again the spend cap being removed without your authorisation is possibly a glitch too. 

If an agent accesses your account it should leave a log in footprint I believe so they can tell who's accessed accounts. 

I would suggest to keep an eye on this via myvodafone.

I hope it does not occur again for you. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @thills


When you are in a roam free destination as you were in France, any out of bundle data usage in  roam free destinations is automatically capped at £39.33 or £50 euros. 


With these texts messages being automated they are not to be relied on and there is no reason for you to have received these messages.  Although usage can be monitored through the Application there can be a delay receiving data from the roaming network and your phone data application can give approximate data usage.


When you have received your bill this will give you something to go on and if it's not correct you will be in a position to raise this with Customer Services.

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