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Pay monthly

Changed my Phone number and it’s messed everything up, Help!

2: Seeker

Just changed my Pay monthly mobile number had fraud done on my credit card where they emptied my account, they used my address and phone number, the number has been changed successfully but it's messed everything up, I don't have any mobile data and my 4G has been turned off.


also when I log into my account (my Vodafone)  the old number is still showing when I click on it it doesn't recognise it as the number no longer exists and the new one isn't showing it just comes up with an error, I've spoken to someone 4 times now and nothing is changing or being done.


has anyone had this same problem and how was it resolved?


im using an iPhone X 

17: Community Champion

Hi @CRichardson 


I would speak to Vodafone about this from this link:  Contact Us for Account Specific Enquiries.


When the number has been changed your online account should reflect the new number but it may be necessary to open a new online account for the number change.


As far as your data access is concerned, try synchronising to itunes, this will download the correct carrier settings and reflect the number change.


When you speak to Vodafone, they will be able to address all issues.

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2: Seeker

Syncing with itunes on my laptop didnt do anything the new number is showing on there though, and how could i make a new account if its the same email adress it wont let me its saying this email is already registred 



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17: Community Champion



You need to use fresh alternative information from the original account, this is going to mean new user name, password and email address, it may be possible to simply change the number on the original account but this will need to be done by Vodafone.


Contact Vodafone form the link and they will address all issues.

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