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Changing my plan

2: Seeker

Hi all,


I'm trying to get unlimited data with for the remaining 3.5 months of my plan.

At the moment, I'm paying around £38/month for my contract. This was originally £74/month, but has a discount of £36.


I spoke to the Online Vodafone crew who mentioned I can get unlimited data for £53/month, when that same £36 discount is included. The original plan would have cost £89/month.


When I looked on my own, I saw that there were four potential plans, which seem to offer the exact same deal, two of which are cheaper than what the guy was trying to offer me.


My question is whether there are any differences between the four deals I've attached, other than cost, and will I be able to get a £36 discount on all of those plans.


Image link below: 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @ConfusedSam 


From my understanding if you change your contract now it would be classed as an Flexi upgrade thus restarting your contract for a new 2 year one. 


The subject of an existing discount moving onto an upgraded contract has been broached before and some members have said they continued to recieve the original discount. A forum search may bring those previous threads up for you.

I'd suggest to ring 191 and choose the Thinking of Leaving option which should get you through to the Retentions Department and ask them what your viable options are along with your existing discount question.

Or wait until your at the end of your contractual term then ring 191 and choose the Thinking of Leaving option and broker a new deal as a person us in a better negotiating position at that point.

As for the available contracts your seeing carefully check each plan detail.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @ConfusedSam 


I am not surprised you are confused, apart from an increase in price two plans on the link look identical .  


As you are not yet in your upgrade period and are only wanting to change your tariff for the remaining 3.5 months, this should be something Vodafone would be able to do but there may be a plan migration charge.  Further information here:  How do I change my Plan? 


As far as you discount is concerned, your application and online account will let you know how long the discount is valid.


As recommended on the link although you have have already been in contact with Customer Services start a further chat, they will be able to take this further and make recommendations.

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