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Charged £9.99 for Spotify even though I am not subscribed to it

2: Seeker

As the title says,  I've been charged £9.99 for Spotify. I have no Spotify subscription with Vodafone, or any entertainment pack. In fact, the Spotify account that this was paid to is being paid by me separately! I chatted with 2 reps, one offered 30% as a "gesture of goodwill", and the next rep kept promising they would "fix everything" and "make me happy" without even listening to what I was saying, in the end they were completely useless.

Vodafone insists it was charged by a third party, and Spotify support said I need to contact them for a refund. Is there a way to find out the payment processor used to charge my bill? Also, is there a way I can get a complete refund instead of just 30%? I've been charged for a service I was not subscribed to in the first place.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @stavrakis 


This is a strange one. 


This generally happens with Spotify when there has been a duplicate account, it may be worth checking the status of your subscription direct with Spotify to find the reason for them charging your mobile account when you pay the subscription independently.


It would also be worth posting this on the Spotify Community here: Spotify Community they may be able to help.


To speak to the Social Media Team here on the forum, please follow this link: Contact Us

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17: Community Champion

Vodafone customer services via Live Chat or 191 should be able to clarify who has charged this to your bill and then you would need to contact the merchant who has charged you for a refund @stavrakis 

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