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Closed account still on credit record

2: Seeker

Hi folks,


I realise that several people have posted with woes regarding closed Vodafone accounts lingering on their credit record. I'm sharing my own experience for the record, and also hoping that someone from Vodafone's own forum team is able to assist me.


I had a pay monthly account with Vodafone until October 2018. In June 2019, I realised that Vodafone was still appearing as an active account on my credit reports (with a zero balance). I contacted Vodafone through the live chat, and was told that there was a credit on my account -- they were waiting until I contacted them to ask for it back. This I did, and was assured that this would fully close my account and mark it as closed on credit reports. I received the refunded credit four days later.


Fast-forward to today. Vodafone still appears each month on my credit reports, 11 months after I left. I just contacted Vodafone's live chat team again. I was passed between three different agents, and then the final one just left without saying anything, and I just got an 'All our agents are assisting other customers' message for the quarter of an hour that I left it running in the background -- presumably it was decided that this was too difficult to resolve.


I then tried calling Vodafone, who asked me questions such as the date that my original phone contract started, and details of the last bill that I received from Vodafone (no longer visible in my account on their website). It looks like I got those wrong (it was a long time ago now!), and was told by the agent on the phone that I should have kept the details (which seems a little rich, when Vodafone themselves are inaccurately returning my account as active to the credit reference agencies.


I want to resolve this, so that it doesn't look like I have more exposure to credit than is true. It seems that I now have to go to a store with proof of ID, and ask them to call Vodafone's credit file team -- it's getting to be a bit of a palaver. I see several people on here with similar woes (see below), though the chap at Vodafone dismissed this as hearsay, on the basis that "you can't believe what you read on the internet".


Have other people managed to get this resolved eventually?





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17: Community Champion

The Vodafone Social Media Teams here can no longer help from the community forum in regards to account based issues but they can help if you contact them via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 


They have a dedicated Credit File Specialist Team who can investigate this for you @stuartsjb 

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2: Seeker

Many thanks! I've sent over a message linking to this thread.


Best wishes,


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