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Compaint - no member of staff able to help / constantly being lied to

2: Seeker

Since I renewed my phones several months ago on my account (which in itself was a ridiculously difficult process as your staff did not advise that a small change made during the year for some reason amended the entire renewal date of ALL items on the bill), I have not been able to use the full use of services which I pay well in excess of £1000 a year for. I have been a loyal costumer for nearly 10 years and have finally had enough with your simply inadequate processes and staff who appear to be completely under-trained to actually deal with any issue I have.
I have 2 mobile numbers on my bill, one for myself and the other for my wife, along with a tablet and a dongle (which has now been cancelled effective from 1st April 2017). The phones are SUPPOSED to have separate data plans, myself with 8GB and my wife with 6GB but despite calling Vodafone well in excess of 20 times to complain about the situation you continue to force us to share 6GB of data between ALL ITEMS on the bill.
FINALLY a member of staff took the time to actually listed to the issue last night (I spent well over an hour on the phone, and almost the entirety of this time on hold) however whilst I now have access to my data my wife STILL has no access to her data. I am paying you for services you simply are not giving me. to make things worse I was advised by a Vodafone staff member on the phone that I was being given 2GB of data to get me through the month whilst the situation was being resolved and not only was the situation NOT resolved but I was also given the data to the wrong phone and also to the tablet which I have been charged for, along with an extra 1GB of data which I have also been charged with.  
I should have a combined 14GB across my 2 phones as this is exactly what I pay you for, yet I have only been receiving 6GB of data since at least August, and I would not be surprised to hear well before then.
I do not understand how a company as large and internationally recognised as yours can have such inept systems and what are clearly cheap resources of staff who are not able to resolve ANY situation. I pay well in excess of £100 a month, and can advise now that as soon as possible I will be cancelling my contract with you.
I would also like you to advise me how you will be compensating me for the services I have been paying for an not receiving along with the stress you have put us through not having access to the data we pay for (not being able to receive any WhatsApp messages, etc, which are now widely used as the most common communication method).
I do not want to hear any more excuses as to why this is happening. I want it resolved and I want you to show me some good faith in some form of gesture.  I will be forwarding a copy of this complaint to the relevant source to ensure that this is sufficiently looked into.

Await reply in due course.


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@foogie Sorry to hear about the ongoing issues you've had and the trouble this has caused. 


I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


Once you've completed the steps, a member of our team will be in contact to discuss everything with yourself in more detail. 

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