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Contract Nightmare for a Year Now =(

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4: Newbie

Just so everyone is aware, Sukhi kindly provide me with another way to contact Vodafone and since then I have finally been in communication with them.


Unfortunately, the best they can do for me is to provide me with a credit that returns my account to the correct amount and promise that my line rental charges will be corrected going forward. They even went so far as to suggest how amazing this is as they are going "above and beyond" by providing me with an exceptional back dated credit that they usually can't do.


After I had a moan, they've offered me a further £5 credit to their already fantastic offer to show how much they care.


So, I've informed them that £5 compensation for a year of pain where I have been over charged more than £200 is not reasonable and certainly wouldn't be the sort of compensation they would have expected from a customer if they had failed to pay that sort of amount.


So... off to the Ombudsman I go to fix an issue that could and should have taken Vodafone five minutes to resolve a year ago.


Hopefully this stands as a word of warning for everyone else out there.

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4: Newbie

Errrm.... Yes, as most of us have found out, talk to Vodafone customer services if you have a lot of time to waste.


If not, then go to the ombudsman.


You won't get anywhere with CS except BS and you will only get more frustration. I've been a VF customer for 6 years now and I can't remember ANY occasion where I called them and had my issue resolved. Thankfully, this is my last year with VF and I am currently in a dispute with them regarding both my mobile and broadband contracts.


Mods, please don't send me any PMs or chat URLs that don't work.

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4: Newbie
I found twitter team to be great, but twitter can't handle 50% of the purposes of customer care on 191. It is time Banbury brought back a customer care dept you can contact if their third party care can't get the job done right - FIRST CONTACT RESOLUTION does not work with these outsourced companies so at least have a Banbury complaints call centre that can and does stick to FCR.

I mean schooleavers earn almost half of minimum wage, surely it can't be that hard or expensive to pull together instead of paying the Ombudsman £500 each time a complaint goes there - that is almost a wage of a 16 hours for a 4 week period.

I hope V goes back to the start of why it came such a international company - because when only BT Cellnet/o2 was horrendously poor with customer care V was shining.

EE have brought customer care inhouse in the U.K., it is paying dividends because it is the only one doing so, my issue with EE is they admit the area masts need upgraded and backhaul capacity updated/replaced. V network was flawless for me outside only my house (2G only) but the care (or lack of it) from third parties for years have eroded V to year on year on year and year to the bottom.

It's time for the V in Vodafone to be lowercase in handwriting with a higher right side and resemble a tick/check and that the customer care be as solid as the network.

Come on Voda! I'll be back in a flash for my personal mobile if you sort care out as will millions, let retail staff sort issues out as a minimum by giving full care access not just a retail system (staff in dispute with third party care is just a appalling sight to see in any store but you see it in V Retail stores).

Secondly bring back Banbury call centre, customers deserve to speak to V staff and retail staff who can action things themselves when the third party fails them!

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