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Contract comes to an end

2: Seeker

Hello. I'd like to ask about what happens when my contract ends. I mean, I know it can carry on, or I can cancel it. Currently I pay £80 for a plan and a phone I got with the contract so if I wanna carry on after my contract ends will I still pay £80? Or it's gonna be just for the plan in my case it is around £40 for the plan itself? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @heyitspit 


Please see here: My plan’s coming to an end. What happens next? 


Vodafone will be contacting you to let you know all your options and ways to save money.


edited to add:  You need to wait until you have received the notification from Vodafone, it is an Ofcom ruling that networks have to send this message and they are duty bound.


When you have received the message about two weeks before the contract end date you will be in a position to contact Vodafone and discuss your options.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @heyitspit


A person on an evo plan would drop to the airtime cost of the plan once the contract has been completed, and the phone element has been paid off. 

You can stay at that if your happy with your current phone or upgrade by calling 191 and choose the Thinking of Leaving option which gets you through to retentions.

Or you could go through an independent such as Carphone Warehouse and upgrade through them or open up a new contract and once you've paid the 1st bill arrange to have your current number moved to the new contract.

You could even go sim only through Vodafone if your phone is working OK which will save you money.

Payg or voxi is also another option.

Never wait for a network to contact you, contact them.


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