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Credit Default applied with no contact from Vodafone

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Hi, all,


I am curious to see if someone can help me regarding a overdue payment default placed on my credit file.


I gave my 30 days notice to terminate my contract, which in turn meant that I technically owed two months contract fees. Following the termination date, I had no contact with Vodafone regarding this outstanding bill (no texts, phone calls, letters, or emails). It was only by my own recall that I remembered this bill was outstanding, however, I also found out that Vodafone had closed my online account as I was no longer a customer with a valid phone number, therefore I was unable to pay online. I finally managed to pay this by requesting my final bill and sending the payment through Bank Transfer (including the late payment fee).


Now, given that this was during the peak of U.K. Covid lock-down and that I have never missed a payment with Vodafone (on top of receiving no contact from Vodafone): is there any way of getting this default removed? As a young(er) customer who is looking for their first mortgage I am seriously concerned as to the negative impact this will have and feel that this is an unfair representation of my credit ability.


Please let me know if there is any way I'd be able to sort this out. 



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Hi @lajlogan, thanks for reaching out to us here. Any final bills would be accessible through an alternative contact number for your online account. This can be set up whilst the account is active. As all of our accounts are self managed, it

We also have alternative ways to make payments, such as a BACS transfer as you've mentioned, through speaking with us on Live Chat or when giving us a call on 0333 3040 191. 

If the payment was made after the due date, any late payment markers or negative impacts would be valid. 

I appreciate this may not be the resolution you were hoping for, however it's important we show a true reflection of your payment history to any credit lenders.

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