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Credit check failed

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I’m really getting frustrated with everything happening and think I should get opinions on my issue.

I was with 3mobile for 6 months, opened the contract account same day I moved to the UK and never defaulted on a payment. Infact I haven’t defaulted on any payment to anyone since I moved here. However, 3mobile had such terrible network and I was adviced to upgrade to a 5G phone. After over 6 months of being with them I tried to get a new phone and was met with a decline after the credit search process. 
i decided to move my number via PAC to another network and after several enquiries I settled for Vodafone. One of the other reasons I chose Vodafone was that a friend who moved to the uk on the same day as I did got a phone after a 3 months contract. 
i understand our circumstances might not be the same but we are in similar positions. 
Vodafone advised that I’d get a phone after 3 months on contract without issues (by this time my 3months wait due to the search by 3mobile would also be due).

it was 3 months a few days ago, I went to Vodafone’s store on that day and tried to get the phone, but to my surprise I was told to send a credit check appeal to Vodafone (I didn’t know one had be run), I was told that the system might not recognize I had paid 3 bills since I started my contract on 4th august and the phone order wasn’t going through with the sim order. I was advised to wait till 4th of November.

I sent the appeal but kept wondering why I should send one if it hadn’t gotten to that stage, so I decided to call the customer service.

I was told there’s a decline on my account and that a credit check was carried out, I was shocked and confused and I really don’t know what to make of this.

i went on to do a check on my credit history, everything seems in order. However, I’ve got 3 addresses showing on it, which are my current address, the Airbnb I stayed at when I moved here and an address I used in getting a bank card when I was due to move out of my Airbnb. I’m not sure if this poses a problem, I am on the electoral register with my current address and everything seems updated.

The other thing I noticed is that although I’ve paid 3 bills with Vodafone, only August and September are reflecting on Equifax, September and October on Transunion while Experian has no history of my account with Vodafone. I’m wondering if this is the problem.

another thing is my middle name isn’t on my Vodafone account, can this pose as a problem?

it’s really frustrating for me, I have no idea what’s happening as I’ve tried to do everything right. I don’t have faith in the credit appeal system as I feel I’ll be stereotyped anyway and will most likely be told to wait another 90 days.

all this is exhausting and just seems like a 90 days cycle that’ll keep happening. Can anyone try to help me with this?



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Your best right now is to try to familiarise yourself with how credit checks work in the UK.  Have a look at **That is a commercial site that can earn referrals based on your actions**
If you've recently failed a credit check, then the worst thing you can do is take an action that results in another credit check.  There are apps out there from the Credit Check agencies that will give you your current credit score - they all have free options, most of which will offer at least some advice on how to improve your credit!

Thank you but I’m not sure how this helps.

I’ve read a lot of articles after the debacle with 3mobile and also stated that I waited for more than 90 days to try again.

I’m trying to figure out what my personal circumstances might be, if any.

This is exactly the type of “you’re new to the country” stereotypical reply I am expecting from the credit appeal team even when those newer than me and with less credit scores have no qualms getting these phone loans.

Might I add that I have been very intentional about my credit score and the only negative effect I’ve had was moving to Vodafone.

Thanks for trying to help though